Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Way I See It!!!

BET Hip Hop Awards
The way I see it…..If you got your weave done in Shontashia’s kitchen, and went to DOTS and got dressed right before the awards show you need not sit in the front row at the BET hip hop awards show.

The way I see it…..If you your pants are hanging off your behind with a belt on and your boxers are showing you should not be performing on national TV.

The way I see it……If you are running around the arena and refuse to stand still on stage, run out of breath and your hype man has to rap your whole song, you should not perform on the BET Hip Hop awards show

The way I see it……If NO ONE understands anything you and your crew are saying on stage even though English is your first language, you need not to perform on the BET Hip Hop awards show

Things that made me go WTWF (What the Wacka Flacka)

1. Wacka Flacka wack a$$ performance, what did I expect from a guy that did not finish high school and wants to earn a degree in Geometry (not sure what school offers that degree) someone find him a publicist, a tutor, and a speech coach ASAP!!!
2. Rick Ross winning best club banger for “BMF”. He has split personalities and is not sure who he is. He thinks he is Big Meche, Larry Hoover, and Rick Ross. Then had a nerve to praise God in the mist of all that mess (that is the only smart thing he has done thus far)
3. BET getting seat fillers off the corners of downtown. I am for the “average” chick getting her fifteen minutes of fame, but if your best shoes and clothes come from a store where you pay more for accessories than you do for clothing please stay at home, or fill in the back seats!!!
4. Swizz beats throwing a pair of "blinged out “sneakers that he took out of an oversized purse into the audience, but in different directions. Now you know the two people that got hit in the head with the shoe will fight over who gets to take them home. (I see violence in the near future.) Someone should suggest that they paper, rock, scissors for them.

What I liked…..the ole school freestyle performances!!!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

What are your expectations?

As a woman what are your expectations from a man? Do you expect him to financially support you and protect you physically? What about your emotional and spiritual needs? Is it important for him to protect your heart and virtue as well as your body? The answer is yes. Today we expect so little from men when they expect so much from us. Why do we constantly lower our expectations when men’s appear to increase? As women we go to work for 40 plus hours a week, come home and take care of the children, clean the house, and satisfy our man’s sexual needs all while looking sexy. At the same time we are begging our men to take out the trash, fix the leaky faucet, and bathe the child for bed, but we are not supposed to “nag” him as soon as he get home from work or while his favorite tea, (all of them) are playing on ESPN. Next time you enter or exit a relationship think about what your expectations are. Has this man shown you that he is willing to meet those expectations? This is not to “bash” men; it is to give women something to think about. What do you expect of yourself in a relationship? Think about what you want to give as well as what you wish to receive. Work on you first and the rest will fall into place. Do not change who you are because the real you can only hide for so long. If you chill in sweats with no makeup on the weekend then let your man see that. If you do not like to share your favorite food, then let your man see that. Marilyn Monroe said it best, “I`m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle, but if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best”.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Driving to work listening to the Steve Harvey morning show I find myself getting irritated. Steve Harvey wrote the book "Act like a lady, think like a man" (which I love). He talked about a new book he has coming out titled "Giving it to you straight, no chaser; How to get and keep a man". I am irritated with the fact that every self-help book is geared toward the female population. What does that say about society and how they view black women, especially when it comes to relationships? Why are some many expectations placed on the woman in relationships? They involve two people, whether it fails or succeeds is determined by BOTH people involved. Why does the general population feel it is their duty to inform black women how to get a man and keep. The problem with black women is not that they do not know how to get and keep a man; it is that they feel like it is their job to get and keep a man. Women you should not be the chaser, you should be chased! Maya Angelou says it best, "A woman hearts should be so hidden in Christ that a man should have to seek Him first to find her". Ladies, if you are going to chase a man let it be "the" man (God).